Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Option A: Unlocking Learning Potential for Graduate and Professional Students

Participants will have a first-hand opportunity to interact with student success practitioners who work with graduate and professional students. Our focus will be to assist administrators in identifying resources that will allow their students to take ownership of their learning and unlock their potential. Participants will receive practical information on how to implement this process in their institutional setting.

Presenters: Dr Lisa Webb and Dr Donna Jackson

Option B: The Let Me Learn Process: A tool for achieving college success

This workshop for higher education faculty and administrators focuses on the use of Let Me Learn at Ashford University, an online, institution serving adults within the United States and throughout the world. Approximately 25,000 students a year are introduced to the Let Me Learn, advanced learning system, as part of a required, 5-week college success course. Participants in the workshop will “tour” the course and be encouraged to actively engage in some course activities. Those attending this interactive session will be introduced to the process used for training faculty to teach the course.

Presenter: Kendra Weber

Option C: Let Me Learn and First Year experience

Our presentation will be organised around several topics related to the use of LML:

  • Analysis of learning patterns of First Year Students (FYS)
  • Use of LML as tool to improve the tutorial process of HE students: “Know yourself to perform better”
  • Deepen in the characterisation of a specific profiles, concretely “Strong-willed” students
  • Use of LML in out-of-school activities: the case of sport training activities.

Presenters: Dr Luis Marquis Molias and Dr Jose Cela-Ranilla